.......many years ago

we were at war and i had to go
i still remember your smile your grin
you never questioned my destination

to young to realize
bur somehow you showed despair
it was present in your eyes
i think you knew from the silence
about you it was in there

barely walking and barely talking
you watched as i left for another world
never thought i'd see you again
marva my little girl

i did my best i did my job
and barely started i was purple hearted
cause charlie did his job too

never thought we'd reunite
the night gary shifflette fell in the canal
see we were ambushed and charlie
well charlie put up a good fight

and one day in september
how well i remember
i thought i'd never see you
charlie got me again
trying to rescue two men
in an ambush near tay ninh

this time with a start
but another purple heart
i felt the angels would take me
not back to the battle
not back to the world
not back to the hounds in cu chi
not back to my little girl

as i lay there waiting
for the copter to get there
and bullets and rockets filled the air

visions of you appeared
in the heavens above
and day seemed numbered
as i lay with thoughts of
those i loved

and comrades around me
taking the fall
how many i don't recall
in a bloody firefight
near tay ninh

i never thought i'd see you again
as comrades around me too lay in the field
me not knowing if any were killed
and the call for medic
was heard loud and clear
but dying was not waht i feared

it was seeing you again
that filled my whole being
and though i was bleeding
never thought i'd see you again

and then it would hit me
would i return to cu chi
to fight with the hounds
warriors always and forever
or would i see them ever

men that found a place in my world
men i learned to love
men who became to mean
as much if not more
than at times the thoughts
of my little girl

these men of cu chi
who became family
never thought i be with them again

and my my little girl
in another world
never thought i'd see you again
but we've been reunited
and i've been with the hounds again

never thought
i'd see you again
that day back in a firefight
in tay ninh

2000 by Williarm R. I. "Easy" SmithClick here to add your text.