I fought in a battle years ago
In a land with names like Duc ho

A man named Charlie felled my friends
He wanted us out to no ends

I made it back to start a new life
But, the man who came back
Didn't sit with the wife

The man she knew who went to war
Was not who came home
When she opened the door

There were arguments and fights
Day and night
And to find some peace
I stayed out of sight

I was led to believe
My anger would pass
No question how long it would last

Now, I've left that scene
And it's many years later
I've started a new life

But, the problem still exists
Often times, much greater

I have nighmares and flashbacks
Of what it was like

Of the time I went to war
Of the time that changed my life

Doctors work on me from near and far
Prying my brain
And scratching the scars

For me to be willing
For me to be ready
To accept, to reach out for help
Is what what must be done

To live normal life normal
After living by the gun

So, they load me up with pills
For when I can't sleep

They load me up with pills
For when I weep

And then there's the pill
For when I'm angry

Even got a pill
When I feel I want to kill

A pill just for my PTSD
Pills so I can live with me

They even got a pill
For when I'm alone

But, no pills for my thoughts
For my buddy, who didn't come home!
2000 byWilliam R. Ilam "Easy" Smith