A cop hides his pain in day old beer
I hide my pain laughing at you
A masking of years
For which I had no clue

A fireman cries,  "Help!"
"There's smoke! there's one more!"
I know this pain
Since returning from war

I cry out in the night,
"Help me please!"
I've said all along
I've got a disease

There was a time
When I had other dreams
A family, a wife and children
Were in the scheme of things

These dreams I once had
I was able to renew
The thought of the war is still very sad
As over the years the memories they grew

I'm like an animal at times
I've been loose
Fooling the world
Doing just fine

I quest for
Inner peace
From within I scream
For the pain to cease

Buddies tell war stories
I can't bear to hear
I get sad and confused
I fill up with fear

There's a period in time
I still taste
A period in time
That can't be erased

So, I do what I do
And not use or abuse
I've learned in time
I'm not here to amuse

I use to hide my pain
In alcohol and drugs
I want to remove the pain
From my facial mug

I talk to those who
Don't understand me
The doctors
They call it PTSD

They took me to a foreign land
Just a kid
Barely a man
Inner self is where I hid

My family cried out, "Why.....?"
"What for?"
The powers to be said, "He's needed!!"
"It's War!!!!'

I used to hide my past
Behind closed doors
It's a struggle
But I chip at the flaws

I didn't understand
Just one more to go
I knew of a thing called flight
I couldn't say no, so I went to fight

I've hid my pain
The choice was my own
I've lusted in the life
Til the money was gone

Or got lost in the bottle
Same story
Same song

My Lady and I would
Argue, fuss and fight
But, that's how I dealt
With the horrors and nightmarish fright

Now, I work on my problems
Learning to solve them
Coping with the pain
To be free and sane
C2000 by William R. Ilam "Easy" Smithlick here to add your text.