I drift into the pain
All the time
You interrupted my life!
I was doing just fine

Now vivid memories
Haunt me day and night
And intrusive thoughts
Of what it was like

Just a youngster I was!
Snatched for your cause
You couldn't tell me face to face
You did it by letter
What a disgrace!

I glanced at my mother
With much despair
She looked at me
How do they dare?

To my brothers and sisters
The draft was a crime
"He's too young,
Come back for him another time!"

My wife gave me such a stare
" What's wrong with this country?
"It just isn't fair!"
"He's barely a man, can't you see?"

I explained to my daughter
As best I could
I was going away??
She never understood

The pain, it heightened
I was scared and frightened
To ease the fears
I stuffed the tears

I'd sit up all night
"Why me?
" Did I have to fight?"

Lost and confused,
Adrift in my thinking
Afraid for my life
I found relief in drinking

I still see
Those bottles of rum and coke
See back in those days
I didn't use dope

One last look at where I slept
One last drink
To "Ooh Child"
By the Five Stairsteps

Morning came
Soon enough
I packed some clothes
And "memory" stuff

One last farewell
And a hug from my dad
He too stuffed his tears
He too was sad

I still have visions
Of that day
When my life stopped
When you took me away.