So this is darkness
that  has me..........
                               overcome by bitterness

A feeling not new to me
I'm forced into a race with time
that seems

Even as the stairways
to the stars appear
in the distance
But the race.............
                                  has already begun

I see a face
far off in the depths of the darkness
I give chase
I hear silent laughter
                                        but, it's no fun

It's come and gone before
It's name is Charlie
                                         We met in a war

This face just stares
This face just laughs
a silent laugh
                                          And steady firing a gun

And all that is unwanted
is easily shaken
                                          from me

The stillness
of the darkness swallows
That which once sparked me
                                          into a running race with time

But, the face
now with legs and feet
gives chase at a quicker speed
                                         this face of an enemy

I shout "Your're not friend!"
The face just laughs
again and again
that silent laugh
                                       can't let it win


( It's only a face)

"But, why are you still here,
after all these years
                                            invading my sleep?"

The war is over,
much time has passed

"Why must you in my dreams,
I keep?

You've come and gone
without a clue
You hound me night
and in the day too
Your're only a face
                                              that I still fight!"

You've caused me sweat
You've caused me grief
it's really beyond belief

And when you've had your
daily cheer
You fade into the darkness
                                            you disappear


Light shines upon my body
erasing the fatigue
                                               from the long journey

And the entrance of new awakenings
cause a moment of inner rejoice
and the darkness
                                                 turns into light

                     and ..

It is known that
I have not seen
the hunter of the night
                                              for the last time

Again there will be a try
to capture the game
I will waiting
I will be ready
                                              for the face that stays the same

The face that
visits day and night
the face that likes to play
with my life
the face that has me runing
                                               in a race with time

For now, I can only warn

2000 by William R. I. "Easy" Smith