c 2000 by William R. I. "Easy" Smith
From within
this shell fo mine
various worlds untwist

In my childhood dreams
I've seen tragedy
and frightening screams

I've seen the gloom
on Mama's face
Empty pockets
on Daddy's payday
all year long
same ol' case day

I've seen and worn
dirty shirts
along with dirty slacks
My sisters and brothers, too
just one of those things
in life
as I grew

Hunger pains
I've grown to know
many a day
same ol' sorrow

A bloody war
I've seen too
many died
red, yellow, white
and black ones too

Yet there are no
shouts of joy
For I who missed
being a boy
Turned into man
Full of schemes
awakenened by
my own screams

My tears of sadness
may one day be
My tears of gladness
for just a dream

'Cause when I open
my eyes
All the visions
so recently seen
Are none other than