2000 By William R. I. "Easy" Smith
Adrift into another time
it's a now and then thing with my kind

A face in the crowd
a smell in the air

Most anything can take us there
a movie often reminds

Of a loneliness
that sets in sometimes

And takes us
from the now

We're often asked
"It's been so long, how?"

The night was clear
a rarity any time of the year

Tonight it didn't even rain
the silence promoted inner pain

The wind was lifeless
the breeze stifled

A chance to relate
a chance to clean the plate

A rarity you hear
any time of the year

The residue of smokey skies
a chance to turn the head and cry

Not that shame was bad to do
but another warrior might see you

Friendships were tabooed
but hard to ignore

Again no shame
but there were rules in war

You cease all feeling
for reality sake

Bullets have no names
just life to take

My good friend died
and when i cried

I was reminded again
this is war, don't make friends

But how did we become that way
it was mostly non-verbal

Back watching one another
as comrades would say

A rarity on any day
adrift into another place

Fast forward present day
still settled in our warrior way

Back  watching continues
But friendships are made

And kept...and contact maintained
a rarity with my kind...that's how

We still come from far and near
we still deal with life's battles

We're still coming home
memories don't leave us alone

Many still out in the cold
a rarity that doesn't get old

We still know fear
we still see the bullets

Just the rounds aren't real
sometimes there's pain so deep

We're often kept from our sleep
we react as we've been taught

Watching the perimeter
still routine
"You never know,
know what I mean!" 

And all become the enemy we fought
all feelings are stuffed

And we're continually asked
"It's with you still?

A rarity  adrift in the past
actions makes us want to kill

Our families try to understand
how can it be with any man

Loving husbands and fathers
turned inside out

Filled up with rage
and when we shout

They run and hide
and we stuff and stuff

And get lost in our pride
with no one to run to 

We swell up for a bumby ride
as loved ones wait for the anger to subside

With no one to share
our feelings inside

But this time around
we can make friends

It's no easier
when another life ends

Triggers still fill the air
the smell of gasoline

And zoom some kind of battle scene
and the crowd
strangers pose many dares

A rarity you hear 
for warriors knowing age old fears

Outside my door
the bullets still fly

They still have no name
so I just hit the floor

And when sky is quiet
and the odors cease momentarily

And the crowd is hushed
and the winds of time sleep 

And the bullets with no name
lay and play the waiting game

We get a chance to relate
we get a chance to clean the plate

And when we get lost in our pride
another warrior is ready
to be at our side 

Someone who knows
one who can handle what I say

Someone to tell me