Rick Milkes Saturday, 6/21/03, 3:11 PM
Easy: Thanks for the note. I will be checking back from time to time. Nice to see that the 25th is still alive and kicking. I remember my time both in Hawaii and Viet Nam with great joy.
From: Walnut Creek, Ca
Web Site:  mlz2go
E-mail:  mlz2go@sbcglobal.net
Unit and dates served:  C troop, 3/4 cav, 1966

Chuck roeder Monday, 6/16/03, 10:55 PM
From: Morgan Hill CA
E-mail:  chuckro@charter.net
Unit and dates served:  B Co/ HHC-83-86

Charles Welby Green Saturday, 6/14/03, 6:58 AM
Yo, Easy, Looking forward to seeing you in Indy in August. I expect this to be one of the largest Wolfhound Pack gatherings where the comraderie will flow like Soju. Best Regards, Rock
From: Indianapolis, IN
E-mail:  charliegreen@indy.rr.com
Unit and dates served:  D/1/27 (50-51 & 69) C/2/27 (66-67)

Ramon Marcus Monroe Wednesday, 6/11/03, 8:03 PM
Hi grandpa.How are you and grandma Doris doing.Fine I hope.Your test worked know we can communicate on my e-mail address.Write back soon.The only reason why I wrote on here is because this was the closes thing on your web site.Let's talk about me coming to see you all sometime. I love you guys and I willtalk to you another time. Your Grandson, Ramon
From: S.E. Washington D.C.
E-mail:  finesse@yahoo.com

Charlie Green (Top) (Rock) Thursday, 6/5/03, 7:25 PM
You have a great web site, Easy. Looking forward to seeing you in August
From: Indianapolis, IN
E-mail:  charliegreen@indy.rr.com
Unit and dates served:  D/1/27 (50-51 & 69) - C/2/27 66-67

James R Bush Wednesday, 6/4/03, 12:04 AM
Happy To haved served.
From: Sacto. Ca.& L.A. CA.
E-mail:  Bulick69 webtv.com
Unit and dates served:  U.S A.F.mar9,61-Aug.9,62

Allan Walthers Tuesday, 6/3/03, 1:06 PM
Thank you, William, for sending the pics of the 'reading of names.' Being as I now live in Kentucky, I was thinking, and missing you all on this day of ours. I think I will start planing to try to be there next year. Bless all my brothers!
From: Sacramento/ Danville, Ky.
E-mail:  klypzog@bellsouth.net
Unit and dates served:  US Navy 1969-1972 Gunfire Support

Kevin Tuesday, 6/3/03, 12:54 PM
Stumbled into your website while doing a search and just wanted to thank you for your service to our country. God Bless you and yours.
From: New Jersey

Jon Mayhew Tuesday, 6/3/03, 5:03 AM
Great web site, William. Every time I see it you've totally redone it. Your time in the service and in 'Nam was a crucial part of your life and the lives of your friends and family. It's only fitting that you should honor that experience and those who went through it with you - and those who did not return. I'm proud to be among the many friends you have today.
From: Detroit, Michigan
Web Site:  N/A
E-mail:  jaymay@accessbee.com
Unit and dates served:  4-F

TJ Thursday, 5/29/03, 6:52 AM
"Yo" back to ya Easy. Jim Hauser told me y'all had a good reunion at Melbourne, Fl. Maybe one day I'll make the pilgrimage and meet you in person. Until then "Hold the Fort", TJ
From: Waycross Ga.
Unit and dates served:  68

Billy "Bob" Joe Bob Thursday, 5/22/03, 1:03 PM
I waz thar frum 69-70 Oct, I wuz wounded.
From: Tennessee
E-mail:  BBJB@hotmail.com
Unit and dates served:  1ACD Phuch Vihn

Doyle R. Coppinger, SFC, USA, Retired Thursday, 5/22/03, 10:51 AM
Another visit to you site, it's awesome. God bless you my brother, peace to you always.
From: Indianapolis
E-mail:  doyle.coppinger@dfas.mil
Unit and dates served:  1st Cav Div Hqs, Oct 69-Oct 70

GARY HARTT A/2/22MECH Monday, 5/19/03, 2:32 PM
Super website. Does the WOLFHOUND PROUD. WELCOME HOME TO ALL MY COMBAT BROTHERS OF THE 27TH REGIMENT. Next to my own unit, I consider you guys the best. You are really a great bunch of Americans. God bless you all.In talking with many vietnam Vets, we all have different opinions about the worth of the Vietnam War. But if nothing else one thing we did accomplish is change the attitude of the military with respect US casualties. Because 58000+ gave their lives,all military actions since have given top priority to minimizing our own losses. This sacrifice of our combat brothers is their ever- lasting heritage. Bruce Kerndl(KIA 11/4/66} A/1/27 will never be forgoton by his friends and combat brothers.The VFW post in Sound Beach,Long Island,NY is named in his honor in 1968.
From: NEW YORK(then)OREGON(now
Web Site:  ran out of ice after rolling a beer
E-mail:  gchartt@bctonline.com
Unit and dates served:  A/2/22 Dec 65-Sep67

Susan McLean Saturday, 5/17/03, 10:02 AM
Sure enjoyed seeing you and the other Hounds during the last reunion in Melbourne. Your site is wonderful so keep up the good work.
From: Safety Harbor, Florida
E-mail:  VietnamDD@webtv.net
Unit and dates served:  Donut Dollie,Vietnam 70 - 71

Giovanna Flaggs Tuesday, 5/13/03, 2:29 PM
Hi big bro, Thanks so much for sharing the Melbourne pictures. They are wonderful. Don't send out a posse...I'm doing well, just busy. Miss and love you. Your little Sis, G
From: Palo Alto, CA
E-mail:  flaggsg@saccounty.net

tom demunnick Sunday, 5/11/03, 3:06 PM
Good to find you after 35 years Brother. To quote William Shakespeare, he said, " We few..., We very few..., We Band of Brothers. For he who sheds his blood with me today shall be my brother."
From: chicago
E-mail:  flyingrainman@comcast.net
Unit and dates served:  A Co 1/27 "Wolfhounds" July 1966 July 1967

Runningdog Wednesday, 5/7/03, 5:44 PM
Easy!! Nice site bro. The Melbourne reunion was something else. I truly enjoyed meeting all the Hound Brothers. Leaving it seems to have left a bitter taste in my mouth.. There will always be the next one and I'll know to walk away on the hard stuff like the reactment of the Last Patrol. Take it easy! Runningdog
From: Ga
E-mail:  marscott62@hotmail.com
Unit and dates served:  A Co 1/27th 25th 68-70

Tom DeMunnick Tuesday, 5/6/03, 7:56 AM
To quote William Shakespeare, he said, " We few..., We very few..., We Band of Brothers. For he who sheds his blood with me today shall be my brother." WELCOME HOME
From: Chicago
E-mail:  flyingrainman@comcast.net
Unit and dates served:  Co a 1st Batallion 27th Infantry Wolfhounds July 1966 to July 1967

Arthur Monday, 5/5/03, 9:47 PM
Hope you had a safe and plesant trip home . you are a credit to the wolfhounds and i am glad i met you in Melbourne. I am searching for your E address your wolfhound brother Arthur
From: Lake Placid ,FL
E-mail:  Fishmon64 @earth link.net

Rev. Bill McDonald Friday, 4/25/03, 2:37 PM
Easy; It always a pleasure to drop by your web pages and see what everyone is up to. Thanks for all your hard work to keep the memories alive of our fellow veterans. God bless you.
From: Elk Grove, CA
Web Site:  The Vietnam Experience
E-mail:  Angelnet@citlink.net
Unit and dates served:  128th Assault Helicopter Company

Jerry Elsenheimer Thursday, 4/24/03, 7:54 AM
Served as Platoon Leader and Company XO. Keep up the good work, "Easy".
From: Troy, MI
E-mail:  jboater@hotmail.com
Unit and dates served:  A Co 1-27 Oct 66-67

Doyle R. Coppinger, SFC, USA, Retired Tuesday, 4/22/03, 9:19 AM
Sorry, I fat fingered great work. It is liste with an F. Sorry.
Doyle R. Coppinger, SFC, USA, Retired Tuesday, 4/22/03, 9:17 AM
Great site, this is my first visit. Keep up the freat work.
From: Indianapolis
E-mail:  doyle.coppinger@dfas.mil
Unit and dates served:  1st Cav Div Hqs, Oct 69-Oct 70

James M. Shirley Saturday, 3/29/03, 1:13 PM
Have had several meetings of Wolfhounds and look forward to many more!!!!
From: Orlando,FL
E-mail:  James0Shirley
Unit and dates served:  C-2/27 Wolfhounds 25 Infantry Dvision Dec 66-Dec 67

James M. Shirley Saturday, 3/29/03, 12:58 PM
Pray for our soldiers!
From: Winchester,TN
E-mail:  James0Shirley
Unit and dates served:  25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds

Joe Guchek Thursday, 3/20/03, 5:49 AM
Just Surfin', thought I'd stop and say hello. Always apleasure to see you. Hope to see you at the Pack reunion Aug 14-17, 2003 if not before.
From: Highland Park, NJ
E-mail:  guchekjoe@prodigy.net
Unit and dates served:  C 2/27, Mar '67 - Mar '68

g fisher Saturday, 3/15/03, 7:31 AM
Congrats on a MOST EXCELLENT SITE !! great content, good links.
From: florida
E-mail:  geeteef@aol.com
Unit and dates served:  C/1/8 Inf, 4 ID '66-'67

Dennis Morsilli Wednesday, 3/12/03, 5:58 PM
Dynamite web site! I've been looking for something like this for years. I would like to hear from anyone in the third platoon during the same time period.Thanks.
From: Rhode Island
E-mail:  mors31018@aol.com
Unit and dates served:  A Co. 1/27, Apr'67-Oct'67

Mark Tabor Tuesday, 3/11/03, 6:30 AM
Heya Easy!! Just thought id drop a note to see how you were doing, hope that network is OK!! Take it easy bro, catch ya on the flip... Mark Peace
From: Nova Scotia
E-mail:  mark@killed.ca
Unit and dates served:  None

L.J. (Mike) Carey Monday, 3/10/03, 7:33 AM
Although I am not a Wolfhound (I'm the patient with the badge) I fully support the work you and your comrades are doing to keep the memory and feelings alive. Your dedication today serves as a reminder of what you accomplished previously. May God bless and preserve. Mike
From: Originally form Ohio
Web Site:  N/A
E-mail:  carey .mike@martinez.va.gov
Unit and dates served:  '52-56 USAF

Richard C Sanders Sunday, 3/9/03, 10:30 AM
From: Live Oak Ca.
E-mail:  sutterrich@attbi.com
Unit and dates served:  C Btry 1st Bn 8th Artly 3/65-9/66

Mike Moschkin Wednesday, 3/5/03, 8:34 AM
Just sniffing around like a good Hound, checking the perimeter.
From: Valrico, Florida
E-mail:  hound@tampabay.rr.com
Unit and dates served:  A1/27 65-66

John Boyle Wednesday, 3/5/03, 7:10 AM
Looking for Dave Kissinger, Little John & others from Bravo Co.
From: Rocklin
E-mail:  joco4769@sbcglobal.net
Unit and dates served:  4/23(M) B Co. 1967-1968

Eugene Tessier Friday, 2/28/03, 4:33 PM
Nice Web Site
From: Derby, Vermont
E-mail:  hoop1@kingcon.com
Unit and dates served:  D CO HHC 1/27th 1968,1969

Faye Sizemore Saturday, 2/22/03, 2:26 PM
Congratulations on your two VVWW BrotherhoodAwards for 'The Return' and your great site.....I think I signed your old gusetbook by mistake.....Faye
From: SouthCarolina,USA
Web Site:  Poems By Faye
E-mail:  fray68@yahoo.com
Unit and dates served:  non-veteran

Terry McConnell Wednesday, 2/12/03, 11:53 AM
First....Great site, hard work dous pay off. Sites like yours help us all to get Home. I'm just now getting back with Wolfhound buddys again, from 35 years ago. Didn't know how much I missed them. Thanks for your great work. I'll have to put this site in my "Wolfhound" folder so I can come back again and again. Terry McConnell Charlie 2-6 X-ray
From: Rancho Santa Margarita CA
E-mail:  terrymcconnell@pobox.com
Unit and dates served:  C 2/27 267-2/68

JC Monday, 2/10/03, 8:26 AM
hey EASY! rosina got me hooked up again afterthree years being off line and under ground!!!! now if I can just learn how to fucking type like you;ILL BE GOOD TOO go! JC
From: FLA
Unit and dates served:  1/27 C co 4th plt 66-67

  Monday, 2/10/03, 8:07 AM
Charles Welby Green Friday, 2/7/03, 7:59 PM
Hi Easy, Roger Cates fwd your msg. I am a 3 time Wolfhound, once in Korea, twice in Nam. We've had some success finding members. I was 1st Plat Sgt in 69 and have found about 20 of 30 members. Was with Roger in 66-67 and just lately several Charlie Hounds have been found, up to about 20 now. Most of them will be at the Wolfhound Pack conv in Aug 03 here in Indy. Hope you cane be here too. Charlie troops call me "Top" and Delta troops call me "Rock"
From: Indianapolis, in
E-mail:  charliegreen@indy,rr,com
Unit and dates served:  D/1/27 (50-51 and 69 C/2/27 (66-67)

Allan Walthers Monday, 1/27/03, 7:12 AM
William....... 1. What is your regular e-mail address?? 2. How do I get the 'blackout' banner off my computer??
E-mail:  klypzog@bellsouth.net

Tom Grundhauser Friday, 1/24/03, 1:11 AM
Great web site.you put alot of work into this.Part of the healing process for sure. Those pix of you on litter coming off dustoff dont look like the 45th.I was a medic on the ER/Pre-op ward where we took wounded off dustoff.Our hosp was inflatible and those quansut huts look prefab. 45th was perm at Tay Ninh southwest of Black Virgin mountain. War zone C. Will pass your site on to others.
From: Eagan Mn
Web Site:  45th Surg Hosp MASH
E-mail:  grundy500@yahoo.com
Unit and dates served:  45th MASH, 8/66-9/67

Michael Stemac Monday, 1/20/03, 9:55 PM
From: Tail, Oregon
Web Site:  tallbear
E-mail:  tallbear@internetcds.com

Allan W. Sunday, 1/19/03, 3:36 PM
Hey,brother!!! Have not seen nor heard from you in quite a while, to say the least! I have been here for one year now, and love it! I do miss all our partners in the groups, but I understand they have done away with them all together now. Bummer!!! What are you doing for counseling now?? I DO miss the guys from our sessions, and helping all the newbees. You taught me well, and am always trying my best to uphold that intensity. They don't have groups like we had them, but they do have groups. I have one on ones with actual psycologists here, which is very nice. They found me a pill that helps me a great deal, so I got to dump a few of VanAukin's. One thing I have found; they are cheap! Almost to the tune of causing further problems for the Vets!! I am just about ready to get on the internet to those higher @#$%^ people and start raising cane. But, I remiss....how the heck are you?? Fill me in as to what is happening there, K?!!! Thanks for the reminder for the 1st. I will fly my flags with pride, per usual. I fly a set on my Harley all the time. People here ask about the MIA flag all the time. Makes me feel good! Will let you go, Mr. William, in the hopes that all is as well and good as one can hope. Tell Mama 'Hi' for me. Allan Walthers.
From: Danville, Ky
Web Site:  nada
E-mail:  klypzog@bellsouth.net
Unit and dates served:  US NAVY DDG24/DD884

Ralph L. Wadkins Sunday, 1/19/03, 11:48 AM
Would like to hear from anyone I served with in C.R.I.P. Eco 1/27th Inf. 70-71. Likewise Aco. !/27th Inf. I am retired from US Army,SFC,26 yrs service, living in Florida now.
From: Russell, Ky
E-mail:  Wildthing368@aol.com
Unit and dates served:  A co. E co 70-71 1/27th Inf -Cco 2/12 Inf 67-68

Jeff Fruit Sunday, 1/19/03, 10:28 AM
This site looks great.
From: Evansville, IN
E-mail:  j.fruit@att.net


John Babbitt Saturday, 1/18/03, 8:41 PM
Hi easy, Always a pleasure to take a tour thru your site. I can see that you have taken great pains to insure it's great quality.You have chosen a great way to deal with the past by sharing it with others. Thank you and welcome home Brother! John Babbitt
From: Houghton Lake, Michigan
E-mail:  jsbabbitt@msn.com
Unit and dates served:  Delta Co,1/27th Wolfhounds,25th Infantry Div 9/68-3/69

Erv Martinez Friday, 1/17/03, 1:03 AM
Thanks for sending me your pictures and for being a friend. It makes me proud to know you because of your patriotism for this country and your valor during the war of Vietnam. With a smile Erv Martinez P.S. And thanks for helping me walk the walk.
From: El Paso, Texas
E-mail:  ervmz00@yahoo.com
Unit and dates served:  Attack Squadron VA75 - Sept.09,1977 thru Sept. 09,1980

cynthia ingram Wednesday, 1/15/03, 4:39 PM
From: new york city
E-mail:  cynthia@sacbeemail.com

william I. Brown Tuesday, 1/14/03, 5:21 PM
Served as platoon Leader of 1st platoon, charlie co. 1/27 from may 67 to sept.69---twice wounded after I left the wolfhounds I went to 38th scout dogs as the platoon commander.....welcome all hounds...... If you see a car with the tag 25WOLF that is I.
From: Trenton, N.C.--living in Newport News, Va
E-mail:  jatorh@aol.com
Unit and dates served:  C -1/27 from 5/67 to 9/67

DENUISE SMITH MAYO Tuesday, 1/14/03, 6:12 AM
Loved you pictures Cuz. See you soon.
Web Site:  NONE

Beau Michael Boyer Tuesday, 1/14/03, 6:07 AM
Great job on the Pic's Easy Always enjoy visiting your site. Beau Webmaster Pointwalker.com
From: California
Web Site:  Pointwalker.com
E-mail:  ucansing2@earthlink.net
Unit and dates served:  ARMY 62-66 Korea - Germany

Cindy Wauson Tuesday, 1/14/03, 4:16 AM
I finally made it. But I never want to do much of anything right away.
From: Natomas CA
E-mail:  cwauson@winfirst.com

Mike Moschkin Wednesday, 1/8/03, 8:49 AM
Happy New Year brother Hound and looking forward to seeing you again at Melbourne Florida Vietnam Vet's Re-union. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOO WOLFHOUNDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Valrico, Fl.
E-mail:  hound@tampabay.rr.com
Unit and dates served:  Co.A1/27 1965-66