APRIL 4, 2004 TO SEPTEMBER 12, 2005

            Chuck Kellerman          Monday, 9/12/05, 10:58 AM          
          Chuck Kellerman I was at Camp Sakai,Osaka Japan,I was in "D" CO. 81mm Mortars. Would like to here from any one from "D" Co. that was there at this time. 1948-1951          
          From:          St. Louis, Mo.          
          E-mail:           sgtkellwolf@aol.com

          Unit and dates served:  D co.27th Wolfhound 1948-1951          

       William Ungerman          Friday, 3/18/05, 8:25 PM
          My previous entry had my name spelled wrong. I was also served with the 82d and 101st Abn Div. Email me and say hello. Bill
          From:          Tustin, California
          Web Site:           WilliamUngerman.com           E-mail:           Elitecorps@aol.com           Unit and dates served:  1st Plt, A/1/27th Inf., 25th ID, 1966-1967
            Hippie aka Mark T. Welling          Thursday, 3/17/05, 1:12 PM          
          I am the 4th Oldest of a family 9 Boys & 1 Sister and she is the number 8th childern we were a verry close Catolict family. My father was a Contract Hardware salesmen who al so did some traviling between Tucson, LA, & SF. CA. I got out of highschool in 1966 moved to San Francisco & became a Hippie befor I was drafted in may of 1967. Now by Oct.15/67 to the Wolfhounds by the 20th Oct.1967 thrugh 10/15/68. My mother was the only one that did not give up on me, because the rest of my family was expecting to come Ded. When I finily got home my Father did not want me to talk about it was all ways telling me that no one wanted to here about it. 4 days after I was home my younger brothers lite off somre firecrackers & a Cherry bom and watch me go right thrugh the door the rong way. and my father wanted me to pay for the door and thats when I moov out and never came back untill I was thrown in Jail for a DUI that my brother got when I was in cuntry. At that time I threten evern that I was thru with this family. Now that when my three daughters starting to come of age thats when my mother & father started to try to under stand. Thats wy I became the white niger who sold drugs & piping every bitch who would let me pack there noses W/coke and still staying in the ARMY as a cover. love you Easy Mark T. Hippie          
          From:          Phoenix, Arizona          
          E-mail:           mtwelling@cox.net

          Unit and dates served:  Delta 2/27th Infantry Regiment Wolfhounds          
            Sgt. Frank Alexander GollubC          Tuesday, 3/8/05, 12:50 PM          
          Freedom has a Flavor the protected will never know...................Wolfhounds          
          From:          Cu Chi* Vietnam          
          E-mail:           Siberian27Wolf@ aol.com

          Unit and dates served:  Trojan Charlie 43 2/27 65-66-67          
            Chris Marbach          Sunday, 2/27/05, 2:09 PM          
          Im the mother of an Iraq War combat veteran. Spc. Buck Garrett, Alpha Co., 579th Eng., 81 BE Thank you for being "you" Easy...          
          From:          Davis          
          E-mail:           nucleophile@sbcglobal.net

          nick          Tuesday, 2/22/05, 9:33 PM          
          hey easy when will we be able to do lunch again.went to a crab feed 02-19-2005 met a wolfhound there.we were wondering when it will be possible to have a get together. nick          
          From:          sacto          
          E-mail:           wolfpack1967@hotmail.com

       Michael Callison          Saturday, 2/19/05, 8:31 AM          
          Was in Nam 68-69 and was in chu chi and was at diamond fire base on 102 howiz and fired support for the wolfhounds. I recived a purple heat and a brozen star with a v divce.          
          From:          Rancho Cordova, Ca          
          E-mail:           mjcalsn1@sbcglobal.net

          Unit and dates served:  1/8 arty 25th Div 68-69          
            mike ferguson          Monday, 2/14/05, 10:00 PM          
          Hey William, It only took me two years to check out your site. I kept your card on my night stand that long. Thanks for your service, in all capacities! See you Wednesday.          
          From:          Sacramento          
          E-mail:           mjfjoxer@yahoo.com

          Unit and dates served:  6252 USAH 1990-1998          
            Wornell Jones          Monday, 2/7/05, 6:48 AM          
          Hey Bro, I was in D.C. for a visit miss you. Saw all the girls and grand kids WOW! Everybody's doing great. I want to send you some pics. Where can I send them. I don't have your personal email address. Wornell          
          From:          Japan          
          Web Site:           http://www2.gol.com/users/jonz/

          E-mail:           jonz@gol.com

            Robert Murphy (Gwendolyn)          Friday, 1/7/05, 6:47 AM          
          I will send correct e-mail for home next week Gwendolyn          
          From:          Buffalo NY          
          E-mail:           Gwendolyn_Hunt@buffaloprenatal.com

          Unit and dates served:  A co. 27th          
            Frank Cromie          Thursday, 12/30/04, 10:16 PM          
          Just passing through to say hi to a fellow Worlfhound. I was the Companies Artillery FO. Today I am suffering from my fifth major attack from AO. I am also totally disabled from PTSD. Things have been ruff lately, but I never give up and tire of fighting the good fight. Take care of yourself and have a happy New Years.          
          From:          Minot,North Dakota          
          E-mail:           fmc@ndak.net

          Unit and dates served:  C-Co,2/27 66-68          
            John De Baca          Monday, 12/27/04, 10:04 AM          
          Was in tan tru 1969/1970          
          From:          Santa fe New mexico          
          E-mail:           debacajm @ornl.gov

          Unit and dates served:  9Th Inf .Div.2/4th Art.          
            Russ Noble          Friday, 12/24/04, 11:04 AM          
          From:          Selma Ca.          
          E-mail:           Old Blue @ cvip.net

          Unit and dates served:  L Co. 3 Bn. Aug. 51-July 52          
          Melissa Bridwell Treadaway          Wednesday, 12/1/04, 1:41 PM          
          Easy, My dad, James Dean Bridwell aka Tennessee Jim, and I met you in DC. Thanks so much for this site and all the information you gave us on the Wolfhound reunion. See you in August. Melissa          
          From:          TN          
          E-mail:           volsfaniam@yahoo.com

          Unit and dates served:  1/27 of 25th C comp 09-67/09-68          
            Cherlyn          Friday, 11/26/04, 4:49 PM          
          From:          live in sac/from ms          
          E-mail:           sistacpbrown@aol.com

            j robinson          Thursday, 11/11/04, 7:32 AM          
          From:          florida          
          E-mail:           jrobinson@theallegro.com

          Unit and dates served:  didn't          
            Dick Siebel          Saturday, 11/6/04, 4:15 AM          
          I served from Feb 1966 to Feb 1967 at Cu Chi, Vietnam. I recieved the Purple Heart and The Silver Star. I want to welcome everyone home.          
          From:          Cedar Falls, Iowa          
          E-mail:           rsiebel@cfu.net

          Unit and dates served:  Charlie Company, !st Batt. 27th Infantry, 25th iInfantry Division.          
            Richard L Melli          Thursday, 11/4/04, 7:41 AM          
          From:          Wayne Pa.,          
          E-mail:           rmelli@msn.com

          Unit and dates served:  2/27/25 4/1963- 12/1966          
            Douglas A. Johnson          Monday, 10/25/04, 4:06 PM          
          I served in the 27th (WOLFHOUNDS) From 6/65/ until 12/66/ First with Bco. 81mm mortors and then transferd to the 4.2.          
          From:          Boston Ma.          
          E-mail:           dglsdj@aol.com

          Unit and dates served:  2nd.27th. HHC 4.2. Mortor platoon          
            al dabalos          Wednesday, 10/20/04, 4:28 PM          
          a friend hooked me up to you site,nice to see that theres still a lot of us hounds still out there          
          From:          calif          
          E-mail:           alcafritoAhotmail.com

          Unit and dates served:  a 2/27 june 70-nov 70/196th inf nov70 feb 71          
            Marva          Tuesday, 9/28/04, 7:52 AM          
          Hello to everyone who has signed in. This is really a blessing to see how many of William's friends old and new have found a way to reunite and commuicate. I know that it touches the HEART of many of you. William I just want to express that GOD has blessed U with a talent that helps people in different ways. May God continue to BLESS U and you keep you. Keep on doing what you are doing.          
          From:          Washngton DC          
            Cary D.Clark, SFC retired          Friday, 9/24/04, 5:17 AM          
          From:          Sheridan, Arkansas          
          E-mail:           eecpnurse@aol.com

          Unit and dates served:  2/27 HHC 1966-1967          
            Bob Chatigny          Tuesday, 9/21/04, 7:46 PM          
          Very nice and well put together! Welcome home!          
          From:          Weatherford,Ok          
          E-mail:           chatig9@aol.com

          Unit and dates served:  3rd Mar. Div, G2/4,I Corps,68-69          
            Sandra D. Smith          Tuesday, 9/21/04, 4:35 AM          
          From:          Washington, DC          
          Web Site:           same

          E-mail:           sandradsmith23@comcast.net

          Unit and dates served:  n/a          
            joseph ferrante          Monday, 9/20/04, 10:08 AM          
          From:          grand rapids mi.          
          Unit and dates served:  2/27/25 infantry 1967/1968          
            NEAL          Sunday, 9/12/04, 5:18 AM          
          EASY...YOU KNOW ME AS "BANDIT"...NEAL          
          From:          LUND          
          E-mail:           nlund87@yahoo,com

          Unit and dates served:  A Co 1/27 25th Inf July 68-69          
                       Tuesday, 9/7/04, 9:26 PM

       E-mail:    juliahw3@aol.com          
          My adult son is looking for his father -- Charles Moody Marion who served in the Marione Corp. in WWII Any help would be appreciated. Thank you corrected e-mail          

          Dorsey L. Weeks          Friday, 9/3/04, 11:06 AM          
          It is a great pleasure to have met "Easy" smith and all the other hounds that have served in the unit I did not know. I hope more guys that were with the unit when I was there would try and make a connection. I've had the chance to meet a few of them and it was very nice. It Great to be a Wolfhound. Dorsey Weeks          
          From:          Syracuse, N.Y.          
          E-mail:           dorseyd2002@yahoo.com

          Unit and dates served:  C/1st/27th - 10/65-12/66          
            Edward Bro Smith          Monday, 8/30/04, 7:32 PM          
          Easy, Maryann and I loved seeing you and Doris, you have a very charming wife. We had a good time in San Diego, hope to see you and yours next year.          
          From:          Murdock          
          E-mail:           weclkt@earthlink

          Unit and dates served:  C&D company 2/27 66-67 365 days          
            T CLampitt AKA Eagle          Saturday, 8/28/04, 11:17 AM          
          I haven't stopped by for awhile to visit your site. It is looking good Bro. ONCE A HOUND ALWAYS A HOUND !!!!!          
          From:          Indiana          
          Web Site:           Bravo 2/27

          E-mail:           warrior11@tds.net

          Unit and dates served:  Nov 68 - 69          
            Ron "Doc" Detmer          Thursday, 8/26/04, 1:48 PM          
          Yo, Easy, Found your website again after losing computer data to a lightning strike. Any Hounds coming to Kokomo,IN for the reunion come on Thursday Sep 16th to hear my Classic Rock n Roll Band "Betrayed". When we crank out "Born to be Wild", I'll be dedicating it to all my fellow Wolfhounds, the wildest of the wild. Always howlin' Doc          
          From:          Dayton, OH          
          E-mail:           rdetmer@woh.rr.com

          Unit and dates served:  B 2/27 4/67-11/67          
            Ruben Runningwolf Hernandez          Friday, 8/20/04, 9:34 AM          
          Easy I Highly respect the men which served as a member of the Wolf Hound Organization it seems we were all treated rough thats probably what made us HardCore. If theres any WolfHounds out there who served with me and remember this wolfhound please e- mail me thanks Nec Aspera Terrent.          
          From:          California          
          E-mail:           originalrunningwolf@hotmail.com

          Unit and dates served:  A.co 1/27th 1980-84 2nd Plt.          
            William Brown          Thursday, 8/12/04, 6:58 AM          
          This is a Great Site, I have been reconnected to a few WOLFHOUNDS that was in Viet Nam during my tour. I have was very lucky to be the platoon leaders of so very fine young men, that i think of every time i hear a helicopter. Since i signed in on this site a few years ago, I have talked to Lt. Black, that leader of the 2rd Platoon C. Co.; Lt. George that was leader of 3rd Platoon. Lt. Black lives in Colo. and Lt. George lives in Utah. I have talk to Sgt. Screws who lives in Miss., Sgt. Raby, and "Chief" who lives in western N.C..... If any hounds are travling down I-40/85 east of Greensboro, e-mail, me and let's have a cup of coffee.. Take Care. William Brown Mustage Charlie 1, Charlie Co. 1/27          
          From:          Guilford Co., N.C.          
          E-mail:           Jatorh@aol.com

          Unit and dates served:  Charlie C 1/27- 5/67 to 10/67--and 38th Inf. Platoon Scout Dogs          
            Dan Locke          Wednesday, 8/11/04, 3:40 AM          
          First American tunnel rat of the chu chi tunnels          
          From:          vermont now florida          
          E-mail:           DanL02760@yahoo.com

          Unit and dates served:  A 2/27 65-66          
            Don White          Tuesday, 8/3/04, 6:51 PM          
          Thanks for the info easy will see you in san diego.Had a 2nd trip in A 1/8 4div in the highlands oct 68--mar 12,69.Almost lost my right leg on 3/12/69 but aqm ok now--Friends Don White          
          From:          Oklahoma          
          E-mail:           msgdonwhite@yahoo.com

          Unit and dates served:  C 1/27--Hq 1/27-oct 63-Jan 67          
            Peter 'Tibbo' Tibbett          Tuesday, 7/13/04, 11:55 PM          
          Great website you have got here Easy, have enjoyed my visit here very much. Thankful that you signed my guestbook so I could return the visit to your OUTSTANDING website, will be back. - UBIQUE - Tibbo          
          From:          Gympie Queensland Australia          
          Web Site:           Australian Gunners Old Comrades Assn.

          E-mail:           tibbs1@tpg.com.au

          Unit and dates served:  12 Fd Regt RAA - 1971          
            TJ          Tuesday, 6/22/04, 9:11 AM          
          Tom forwarded your post to the bot to me. I've been there done that myself a few times. Ya got my # call anytime ! Hang in there brother. Hold the FORT !!          
          From:          Georgia          
          Unit and dates served:  2/27 Delta 3rd Jan 68 Aug 68          
            nick wester desjardin          Thursday, 6/17/04, 3:57 PM          
          hi easy how are you.i met you at va once.my email address was dukydog@hotmail.com.i would like to hook up with you and the group for lunch some day. i could not do that before.now that i,m retired i have lots of time.i saw your article in the bee last week and it was very impressive. keep up the good work. nick          
          From:          sacto          
          E-mail:           wolfpack1967@hotmail.com

          Unit and dates served:  c 1/27 (wolfhound inf)25th div 1967          
            Charlie Green          Sunday, 6/13/04, 11:36 AM          
          Thanks, Easy, for the kind words on the "Veteran" article. It goes without saying that I too am very prous and honored to have you as a personal friend and fellow Hound. Hope to see you at one of the gathering somewhere this year. "Top" - "Rock".          
          From:          Indianapolis, IN          
          E-mail:           charliegreen@indy.rr.com

          Unit and dates served:  3 time Wolfhound Korea, VN          
            Coy Adkins          Wednesday, 6/9/04, 5:42 AM          
          Hey, Easy Thanks for sending the link to the photos! Hope everything is going well for you. Coy          
          From:          Opelika Al.          
          E-mail:           coyadkins@charter.net

          Unit and dates served:  A. Co 1/27th 67-68          
            ED BENEDICT          Tuesday, 6/1/04, 4:55 PM          
          From:          TOTOWA,NJ          
          E-mail:           NOZ1188@AOL

          Unit and dates served:  A CO 1/27 7/66 TO 7/67 CU CHI          
            Dennis Zinda          Tuesday, 6/1/04, 9:44 AM          
          Still struggling almost 40 year's. Pointman for Co. B, 2nd 27 Inf. Wolfhounds.          
          From:          California          
          E-mail:           dzinda@placertitle.com

          Unit and dates served:  25th. Div. 2nd/27 Inf. Wolfhounds 66-67          
            Bill Harwood          Monday, 5/31/04, 9:40 PM          
          Peace Brother, I haven't forgotten - My prayers Bill          
          From:          New Hampshire          
          E-mail:           christina.harwood@comcast.net

          Unit and dates served:  1968-1968          
            Artthur [DON]          Thursday, 5/20/04, 8:00 AM          
          Waiting on more pictures .. I see your picture when you were young ..Damn you got ugly inyour old age love you Bro Arthur          
          E-mail:           fishmon@eartlink.net

          Mark T. Welling aka Hippie          Thursday, 5/13/04, 9:11 AM          
          Hi esey Here is my birthday Nov. 9th 1947 Hope to see you at the nex reunion. Mark aka Hippie          
          From:          Phoenix Arisona          
          E-mail:           mtwelling@cox.net

          Unit and dates served:  Delta 2/27 10/67 thru 10/68          
            Tom DeMunnick          Saturday, 5/8/04, 10:03 PM          
          I appreciate the time you spent with me on the phone the other day, Easy. I needed the help of a brother and you were there for me. Take care. I love you bro, Tom          
          From:          Chicago          
          Unit and dates served:  1/27th Jully 1966 - July 1967          
            william r. i. "easy" smith          Friday, 5/7/04, 4:10 PM          
          i just want to thank all who have visited my website and signed the guestbook take care easy!!!!!          
            Doris Meekins          Monday, 5/3/04, 12:10 PM          
          From:          Sacramento, California          
          E-mail:           dmeekins@surewest.net

          Unit and dates served:  home front - 1981-current          
            Douglas R Clapp          Sunday, 5/2/04, 6:09 AM          
          Hey Easy, great site and it was good to see you again at the reunion in Melbourne.It seemed a little more subdued this year as unfortunately are ranks are thinning. Keep up the fire your comrade in arms,Doug          
          From:          Melbourne FL          
          E-mail:           douglas4796@earthlink.net

          Unit and dates served:  A Trp 3/4 CAV 25th INF Div69-70          

          william morris          Tuesday, 4/27/04, 4:11 PM
          From:          fl
          Web Site:           n/a           E-mail:           wolfhound27th@hotmail.com           Unit and dates served:  nov 66 oct 67 hhhqccc rec then delta c
            Len Hermanns Jr          Saturday, 4/24/04, 9:46 AM          
          Easy, It was nice meeting you at the Vietnam Veterans Reunion in FL. Your website is awsome! Great work. Hope to see you next year again.          
          From:          Palm Bay, FL          
          E-mail:           lhermannsjr@earthlink.net

          Unit and dates served:  D Troop, 3/8 Cav. 66-68          
            llionel harvey "bill"          Friday, 4/23/04, 4:13 PM          
          greetings and welcome home i servwd as a rifleman with 3rd platoon 3rd squad i was with paul lambers in sept.68 when he received the cmh outside of tay- nihn have some pictures of nam,but am new to typing cand computer would like to find some old wolfhoundsand share pictures i received the brnz/str w/v aand one ph looking for loftus,wisecarver,carol,little george shue othersi served with took me a long time to come out of my hibernation still aint right god bless us all.....          
          From:          st.petersburg fla          
          E-mail:           www.billharvey2004@msn.com

          Unit and dates served:  a/2/27 3rd plt 10-67 10-68          
            Alan C. Carter, Sr.          Tuesday, 4/13/04, 8:42 PM          
          Great site Gary. Thanks and thanks for your freindship on PalTalk. Your a Class Gentleman.          
          From:          San Antonio, Texas          
          E-mail:           Drifter645@AOL.Com

          Unit and dates served:  US Navy, NSA DaNang, Lewis Tank Farm, MAG-16          
            Robie Prater          Monday, 4/12/04, 8:59 PM          
          Wanted to thank you for your help in getting me a picture and copy of Freddie J Hannah's name from the Viet Nam Wall for me.This meant alot to me.God Bless you and all our fighting men and women-Robie Prater          
          From:          Sommerset Kentucky          
          E-mail:           prater4@alltel.net

            David Tomlin          Sunday, 4/11/04, 4:26 PM          
          From:          Illinois          
          Web Site:           Twinstep

          E-mail:           davidt677@yahoo.com

          Unit and dates served:  B Trp 3/4 Cav. 25th Div. 65-67          
            Ramon Monroe          Thursday, 4/8/04, 2:29 PM          
          Hey, grandpa how are you and grandma I haven't been on the computer alot so I haven't had time to write or e-mail you in a while a i liked the poem for grandma very creative and from the heart i have to go to do a report. Mommy and grandma Sandra are doing ok and living life. If you have not already talked to them. I love you two and I'll try to write some other time Ramon Monroe          
            kenny judkins          Monday, 4/5/04, 1:15 PM          
          just looking around the web and found your site and just stopped for a visit.i realize i did not serve in combat, however, i honor deeply those who have. thank you for your service. kenny          
          From:          oregon          
          E-mail:           kenneth.judkins@us.army.mil

          Unit and dates served:  cs co. 1/27 jan 1979- sept-1979