Back in 1996 I was having a rough time of it and this what I wrote:

Viet Nam seems so long ago
28 yrs. 6 mo. 8 days to be exact   (that could be change to 37 yrs. 4 mo. 12 days)
Viet Nam seemed so long ago
but in my mind I just got back.
The humid steaming jungle
the stench the sounds
the snakes, ants, & spiders
the thunder of bomb from air to ground.
The deeds performed
the souls ruined
the minds decayed
Hell was born.
Bodies heaped & chared
lifeless lays an arm
detached from body
loses all character & charm.
We fought for what seemed
and endless time
a war of nothing
but for loss of mind.
I awoke with a thirst
I could not seem to quench
dried blood on my fist
still clinched.
Bright lights & white
a nurses smile
this must be heaven
I thought for awhile.
As I tried to move
my body stopped
my conscious mind
told me not.
But for memories of wounds received
Viet Nam seems so long ago.
Now I tell you what I perceived
in Viet Nam so LONG AGO!

Written by Dave Gamble February 1, 1996, in the basement of the Student center of St. Cloud State University while in a discussion with a student about poetry and how it is life written. 
Some days are just better than others, but for the most part God will see you through the roughest of times.

Take care and God bless........
your friend and former Wolf Hound
Dave Gamble