Yesterday, to the tune of  the rainy season
I didn't want to live
Couldn't find one reason

Today, I recall saying
"What the f..........?"
Afterall, life really sucks!"

Yesterday, emotion was just another word
To share my feelings, was simply absurd

Yesterday, my heart raced to the thundering rain
Today, I walk through memory's pain

Yesterday, for me was another country
Today, I face fears, that always haunt me

Yesterday, my life was filled with shame
Today, it's goodbye to comrades
Some not by name

Yesterday, is triggered by terrifying sounds
That stir up visions
Of far off battlegrounds

Today, memories are awakened
Of smoke-filled skies
As I stare at the faces
Of those who died

Yesterday, my life seemed near an end
Today, I've seen the places I've been
And the things I've done

Today, to live is to have some fun
To survive, without a gun

Yesterday, I saw visoins of loud bangs
And at the blink of an eye
My heart skipped a beat
Life nearly passed me by

Today,  the visions of family and friends
Give life new meaning
For rebuilding begins

I got in touch, with a pain buried so deep
I wanted to run
But, I stayed and weeped

Something new for me
These new found tears
Something new for me
These awakened fears

Yeaterday, going to war
Never crossed my mind
Death is all
I expected to find

Today, I stand
On familiar soil
Replanting seeds
Of a life once soiled

Today, new comrades
Are at my side
Together! Together!
Restoring self pride!

War was no game
As from everywhere
We came

And when we returned
You forgot our names
No one cared
We were not the same?

Today, our prayers
Are prayers of hope
Today, our prayers
Are prayers for change

Today, is now!
Today, we're home
Today, together!
Today, not alone!!