William R. I. "Easy" Smith
©MAY 24, 2008

Can't explain what happened
  to a group of men
Who crossed into another time zone
   and became best of friends

It could have been the gun
    Each one was given
        Knowing it was not to be used for fun

It could have been the foe
    We fought from the day we landed
         What did we know

Maybe it was the instant trust
     We put in the man we followed
                      on point

Could have been that we shared
      each other's footsteps too
Maybe it was the re-defining
      of life we ensued in one another

Never getting confused about why we
     were now Brothers


Was it not forbidden friendships
   Yet needing one another to
        get pass the hardships

I sit in my chair
   And I close my eyes
I watch the faces of those I knew
   Faces and faces the numbers grew

And as the tape played
     I try to remember
     I try to recall
     I try to see it all
         But I can't

There is much that got
     lost and buried
Sunk deep with time
    Haunting my mind

Hard to explain
Hard to describe the pain
   In the pit of my stomach
   In the pit of my soul
      At times surfacing
Some things were swallowed by
    feelings we never knew we had

Pain took on new meaning
Pain that would last til the end of time

I still see the faces  left behind
   I talk to them from time to time

I see the faces of those there now
   In another time zone
Strangers who have become
    the best of friends

Pain turns to sadness
Hurt so strong
No pain should last this long

Pain that started with the loss of hopes and dreams
    Extended by the loss of friends it seems

Pain that continues to grow
  From feelings of leaving family and loved ones

Pain that comes with those who today
  Sacraficing their lives - for the price
    of freedom they pay

Pain that continued upon the return
Pain that goes away for a minute
  Pain that's etched on the Wall
        the WWII and Korean War Memorials
                    Desert Storm
          Pain that's etched in the sands
                             of Iraq and Afghanistan

Pain that reaches out
     to one and all

Let us not forget
Let us remember
Let us not forget
Let us remember

Pain that has taught me
   to stand tall