Strangers to one another
Soon enough, we'd be brothers
Each with a story to tell
Each a story of hell

Many years ago
Our country called
We responded, not one, but all
We arrived at a place
From near, from far
By bus, by plane
By train, by car

Many signed up....
Because it was war!
Many were drafted
Not knowing what for

Some fled to Canada
Risking their freedom
Wishing and hoping
No one would seem 'em
As protestesters marched

It didn't keep Uncle
From our door!

We'd come from
Every state and race
Some joined
To escape a criminal case
While some so determined
ID's were faked

While some asked, "Why me?"
Must be some mistake
But, there we were
From every hood
Ready for battle
Together...we stood!

They put us on buses
To North Carolina
Each wearing a mask

Eight weeks of boot camp
Eight weeks AIT
Hard to believe
We were in the Arrmy

We marched and drilled
Learning new skills
Each lesson essential
Just maybe
We wouldn't get killed

They gave us a number
Some bitched and moaned
But. we learned to remember
For that's how we were known!!!!

Uniforms and guns
We were given
Final tips for survival
And one final prayer..

No longer was war
Just seen on T. V.
We were in Nam
That was reality!!!

Searchin'  -  Destroyin'
Along the Cambodian border
In a country
They say needed "law and order?"

We fought an enemy
Barely visible
Under condiions
Truly miserable

From ambush to ambush
And village to village
And craters of mud
The trail never ended
The blood!! The blood!!

If we knew what was happening
Back in the states
We may have stayed behind
And left our lives to fate

Instead we were there
Diseased and fatiqued
Broke down from fears
Doing a battle
That still not clear

We returned to roam
In a land known as home
Awainting to be accepted
And remembered

Awainting to be called by name
Not by number
Awaiting to be recognized
As we were recognized
The day we joined
The day we were selected

Is that asking too much.....?????
We want to be respected!
Never again to be rejected!